Sustainable Development

As a brand leader, De Dietrich attaches great importance to the impact of its activity on the environment and applies all possible measures to bring about responsible use of resources at every stage of a product’s life-cycle; from the drawing board to recycling the end-of-life appliances.

De Dietrich appliances are produced in advanced manufacturing facilities in France which have achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and are strongly committed to minimising their carbon footprint.

For De Dietrich, the concern for ecology is in-built: we only design products which use minimal raw materials and energy and are made as recyclable as possible.

Indeed all De Dietrich appliances are made with parts that are 95% recyclable and packaged with 100% recyclable materials.

Furthermore 97% of our appliances have been given the top grading for energy consumption (i.e., A or even A-10%, an even better rating than A!)

When you invest in a De Dietrich appliance, you are making wise use of the world’s resources.

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